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Global opportunities with regional interest


Get to Know Us

August Global Partners (AGP) is an independent fund management company spun out from EDBI, a Singapore state-owned strategic fund, with former top and senior executives as the fund's founders. Armed with a robust track record and years of success, and having managed significant assets-under-management (AUM) previously, this team will now manage two funds, the AGP Continuation Growth Fund (AGPCG) and a second fund, the AGP Healthcare Fund (AGPHC), to capture new and exciting opportunities. AGPHC is a pure commercially driven fund with Living Better and Aging Better themes.


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AGP Continuation Growth Fund (AGPCG) - Fund Closed

Growth equity investments in South East Asia based companies in healthcare services and advanced manufacturing

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AGP Healthcare Fund (AGPHC)

Growth stage investments in the healthcare sector in South East Asia. Commercially driven fund with Living Better and Aging Better themes, supported by Singapore government and independently managed by AGP


Parkview Square, 600 North Bridge Road
#10-01, Singapore 188778

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